In our AAE office, we strive to learn more about how to effectively present to the public. We have found inspiration from TEDtalks and those who have shown themselves to be vibrant speakers. Here are some of the common traits we have found:

• Sell Yourself First: Credibility is important when it comes to getting audiences to remain engaged. Our AAE training provides the resources our people need to demonstrate that they are authentic and knowledgeable in the topics they present. This practice ensures that our professionals are confident when meeting customers.

• See How Others Present Similar Material: There are many lessons to be learned from observing others, especially those who present on related subjects. With our AAE coaching program, our newest associates can learn by watching our seasoned pros as they present, then apply those lessons to their own speeches.

• Create Vivid Visualizations: People respond strongly to content they find relatable. Many individuals are visual learners as well. As such, we need to create images that are meaningful to others. This can be done through compelling stories, appropriately used graphics, and other methods. These tactics provide audiences with greater incentive to act as well.

We are all about ongoing learning. TEDtalks provide us with ample information. This is true even as we observe how speakers deliver topics. Like us on [Facebook] for more public speaking tips.