As good neighbors, in our AAE office we believe it’s important to give back to our community however possible. This mind-set has been part of our firm’s fiber since the very beginning. Most people think of corporate charitable giving as something only large companies with deep pockets can act on. However, even smaller firms, those just starting out, can contribute something worthwhile. Here are some small gestures that cost little to nothing, but can have a profound impact in supporting a cause:

” Donate Time: Some of the sincerest contributions we can make for the betterment of society start when we share our time. For a company, one powerful deed is to volunteer as a team. Many firms loan out their office for an afternoon to engage in helping organizations like soup kitchens, nursing homes, or animal shelters.

” Partner With Charities: Some companies incorporate giving back with their business sales. They partner with charities that are aligned with their values and mission. Think of supermarkets at which shoppers are invited to add a dollar to buy non-perishables for a food bank.

” Get People Interested: As we noted in our AAE culture, people who are empowered will deliver more. This adage holds true when it comes to corporate philanthropy. When we engage team members and let them take the lead in volunteer efforts, the results are richer.

Every business, big and small, can step up and do their parts to build better communities around the world. Like us on Facebook to see how AAE is helping others through our philanthropic mission.