Overcoming objections is one of the key skills we teach in our AAE training program. We ask customers questions to identify what barriers might impact their buying decisions. Their responses allow us a chance to address these concerns and perhaps give them incentive to at least try products. In an interview setting, smart candidates recognize that prospective employers most likely have some red flags about them as well. This is why it’s important to ask this one question at the end of an interview:

What concerns do you have about me that I could resolve before we conclude this interview?

Of course, this is a question that might leave candidates bracing a bit. However, as we’ve noted in our AAE sales and marketing campaigns, the best way to push past any doubts and resolve any misconceptions is to ask. At worst, by making this inquiry, a candidate will gain useful information that can help him or her better prepare for the next job opportunity. At best, he or she will be able to clarify a fuzzy area in the interviewer’s mind, possibly resulting in an offer that might not have been extended otherwise.

In our AAE recruitment process, we’ve found this question helpful for both us and candidates. It causes us to reflect on whether this person is right for the position. It also allows candidates a chance to make a better impression.

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